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Bald Eagle, Osprey and Falcon Kites/Scarecrows

  • Osprey
  • Peregrine Falcon
  • American Bald Eagle
2.00 LBS
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Product Description

Wonderful Bird Kites, Windsocks and Scarecrows
Details and Wingspan


  • Top designer Marguerite Stankus spent 8 months making sure this kite simulated the pattern of an Eagles wings beating in flight.


  • Marguerite Stankus's first design!


  • The Peregrine Falcon kite is cut like the Osprey
  • Great as a scarecrow for keeping small animals and pest birds away
All kites are made from tough Tyvek with fade-resistant inks designed to mimic the beautiful look of each bird.
Eagle 60"
Osprey 44"
Falcon 44"
3-Step Set-Up for Asssembled Kites
Recommended For This Kite
  1. Peel two-sided tape and press body together
  2. Install the spar across the wings
  3. Attach swivel and line
Your bird kite is ready to be flown in just minutes!
 Choose Assembled or Unassembled Bird Kites! Also, don't miss our other styles like Blackbird, Cardinal, Blue Jay and Create-a-BirdDove of Peace SeagullMallards and Loons, and Geese!
Customer Comments

The Eagle looks quite real and attracts many admiring onlookers as it flaps its wings and moves left to right and up and down. You can fly it somewhat as you would a fighter kite, making it change direction by releasing some line and taking it up again. As the wind dies down, the Eagle slowly floats down, wings still (not flapping)as if it was hunting an elusive prey to pounce on just like an Eagle would. Very realistic. I have made a couple of simple modifications for wind conditions by making holes forward and aft of the suggested swivel attachment hole to make it climb or fly close to the ground. Also, I made a 'cinch' string to be able to draw the crossbar (spar) down on the wing for flying in very light wind or raising the spar 2 inches in strong winds. The Tyvek material is very tough and durable. A fun way to launch the bird is to place it on the ground (sans legs and fish) and walk out about 100 feet of line. (Light weight line like 30# Spectra enhances flight.) A quick snap while stepping back 'catapults' the Eagle off the ground, flapping it's wings as it flys high in the air. (Causes a startling but pleasant surprise to unsuspecting passers-by as this large bird 'jumps' into the air in front of them, flapping its wings as it rises into the sky).

One day a Red-tailed Hawk actually attacked the Eagle, buzzing it several times before it flew off. It looks that real up in the air.
I enjoy alternating flying the Eagle and flying my 4-line sport-kites several times a week. Thank you. -Ted Svendsen, Svendsen Travel Group

We were cruising down the Atlantic ICW this past fall. In SC north of Charleston, we passed a series of long docks out over the marsh which were all covered with various sea birds, Gulls, Cormorants, Pelicans etc.; all that is, save one which was flying one of your Bald Eagle kites. That was duly noted and we purchased one of your kites from a store in Charleston. We've seen many owl statues with Sea Gulls sitting on their heads, but nobody messes with the eagle. It held off several hundred angry Gulls south of Daytona Beach; they all fuss at it, but do not come near. Amazing thing! Thank you for your help in keeping our boat clean. -Jack Allen



 These kites are unreal or should I say REAL. My friend has been
using the osprey as a deterrent for seagulls to stay off his boat...
and it really works... that's why I want one, because now they are
all coming to my boat.
Your company should advertise that the birds of prey are excellent
deterrents for seagulls, etc. Do you know what boaters go through
to keep gulls off their boats? They spend a lot of time and money.

Your kite works! -Ed V.On 6-11-04 I ordered 2 of your Osprey Kites and a 31 ft Fiberglass
pole. It works, the Osprey does fly like a real hawk.
We have 6 acres of Highbush Blueberries divided into 3 fields and I
needed something for bird control. The Osprey has only been up for
two weeks. I only fly it every other day, and I move it around so the real
birds don't become accustomed to it in the one place. For now, when
the Osprey is up and on duty, the Sparrows and Black Birds dine

The Osprey works better than Owls and Ballons and doesn't break and
string all over the field like what over the row tape will. So far it is the
best bird deterant other than a bus load of kids. The Jackite Osprey flies
sometimes when the flags wll not wave in the wind. -- Sam Blackstone Circle B Farms


Unassembled Instructions
If you choose an unassembled kit, your bird kite will come on one flat sheet inside a tube that's 3-inches in diameter. Pieces of the kite are easily punched out and glued together. Scissors and a stapler are required. Assembly generally takes between 30 minutes to 1 hour, making it a good rainy day project or hobby project. Do it on a clear day and you can fly your kite immediately! Jackite brand glue is recommended. Instructions are included.

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