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Zero waste picnic ideas

Picnics for two friends can be fun and casual, or they can be romantic, in the case of two more-than-just-friends. Whichever outdoors meal you plan, the picnic basket you choose, as well as the foods you include, will set the tone.

Recycling is the idea of turning a waste into useful and new products. Recycling is also a part of junk removal. Junk removal must be practice in our daily life, in our home, in public places and everywhere. Junk removal is done to decrease the raw materials that have been used. It is the best way of controlling air, water and land pollution. We must know that junk removal should start in our home; in this, we could live a better world to live in.

We need to learn some ideas on how we could apply to our life the practice of junk removal. For example, during gathering in our family there is an event like picnic. Are you aware that after the event, how much waste in there? I guess this is the time that you must learn not only simple ways of waste disposal but also simple ways of junk removal. You need also to learn some tips on how to decrease your waste before the event because having knowledge about it could be lead to junk removal. Junk removal is not only done during the presence of waste, you could perform it by having proper knowledge on how to decrease waste that you could produce.

Some Ideas on How You Could Practice Simple Ways of Junk Removal (During Picnic)

1. Reusable Silverware and Plates

Buying packs of paper plates, plastic spoon and fork is really not a good idea, this could cause more waste after the event. You need to buy inexpensive stainless steel plates and silverware because you could reuse it for years. It is easier to use when you eat and without your knowledge you already perform junk removal due to no waste has been created.

2. The Glass Water Bottles

Instead of buying plastic bottle, choose the glass bottles that you can reuse. Make sure that the glass water bottle you bought will make you love it so that throwing is not your next option. Always remember that our aim is to apply first the junk removal.

3. Cloth Napkins

You could use cloth napkins over and over; just wash it after the event. You may buy different colours of it so that your family can remember the colour of their napkin.

4. Stainless Steel Containers or Glass

They are very useful and you could use it for years, these containers are good idea for picnic because they are lighter and very handy. This is another good tip to remember for junk removal.

5. Straws that are made of Glass

Throwing plastic straws is always a bad habit for everyone that could cause the improper waste disposal. Try to buy glass straws that are good for picnic idea and you could use it daily as well. A glass straw can be rinse and wash by hands.

Picnic in Style with Outdoor Posh

Most people love picnics. You get to enjoy the great outdoors while enjoying a great meal with family and friends. That's one reason picnic baskets can be such a charming part of spring and summer, or any time of year when the weather's nice enough that we can venture outside.

The fun of picnicking can be even better when you don't have to try to find everything you need to take with you. That's where things like stocked baskets, picnic backpacks and picnic coolers come in handy!

Organized for the Outdoors

Your picnics can be a success with the right picnic baskets. Just as you need the right tool for the right job when you're building something or making repairs, the right picnic items can take an outdoor meal from plain to fantastic!

It's easy to forget important things when you have to gather utensils, plates, glasses, napkins and other items from your kitchen. But quality products like designer picnic backpacks and totes that come complete with service for 2 or 4 have everything you need already strapped and secured inside. There's no easier or more stress-free way to enjoy outdoor dining. Many cooler and tote styles also have different sizes, as well as variations with coffee service, wine holders and blankets so you can get exactly what you need.

Go for Green Picnicking

You don't have to tote several different heavy containers full of plates, glasses and flatware. And you don't have to buy paper plates and plastic utensils to enjoy an outdoor picnic. Not when you can buy picnic baskets that come with lightweight plates, glasses and stainless steel flatware that can all be washed in a dishwasher and reused again and again.

You'll save money over time because you won't have to buy the disposable picnicware, and you'll be helping the planet by keeping those plates and forks out of landfills. You can even find truly green picnic backpacks and food and wine sets at Outdoor Posh that are completely PVC-free.

Picnics, Camping, Sporting Events, Parties, Tailgating and More!

Your ideal picnic might have 5-7 courses, coffee, wine and dessert, or it might be a simple snack of cheese and wine on a comfy fleece blanket under a shade tree. Whether you want to head to a local park, curl up outside your camping tent or enjoy a snack at a fun sporting event or concert, Outdoor Posh has the right picnic baskets for you!

Let Outdoor Posh make your picnics and all your time spent outdoors even better!