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Price reference. Think about it…what’s it worth to you?

Something Is Missing…

Work. Travel. Meetings. A thousand things to do… you do them, and do them well. That’s why you’re a successful professional and proud of it.

But there’s something missing: a life partner to share your success with. A bright, attractive woman with her own accomplishments, grace, and charm.

A woman to be proud of, and to be proud of you.

But where can you find her?

You can find her here, at Destina Japan.

Find Each Other through Destina Japan
Destina Japan is an exclusive introduction service. We match successful Western men with attractive and accomplished Japanese women from the U.S., Europe and Japan. Our international offices in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, the Silicon Valley, Tokyo, Osaka, and London attract the world’s most charming and cosmopolitan Japanese women – women who are eager to meet men like you in a safe and cultured setting.
As our client, we will treat you with the utmost care and discretion. We will get to know you as a person – your personal and professional background, your goals, your hopes and dreams. Only then will we begin the process of helping you to find your ideal life partner - a charismatic, charming, sensual and cultured Japanese woman with similar interests as you.
What Can I Expect?

Expect Results! We are not a casual dating service, but rather, a very personalized and highly selective introductions agency that delivers results and not empty promises.

Once we’ve qualified you over the phone, you will begin with a comprehensive interview with one of our expert relationship coordinators. We have conducted similar interviews with our Japanese members, and are familiar with their personal and professional backgrounds, family history, and life goals. Our highly detailed and sensitive interview process lets us match you with a potential partner who is highly compatible with you. We will then contact the other party by phone to give some details of you to and vice versa to see if both of you would like to pursue an introduction. If you both agree, we will help to arrange your first meeting.

Often your first meeting will be your last because of our extensive search and character matching process – a significant advantage that sets us apart from online dating services. However, if the initial meeting does not work, we will analyze your feedback, adapt our search criteria accordingly and find a closer match to your ideal mate. We are also happy to offer valuable relationship advice and support to those members who request it.

Don’t wait any longer. Contact us today for a FREE initial consultation.

Why Destina
Getting to know you
Before we can help you find your Destina match, we need to know you as a person. You will meet one of our skilled and discrete coordinators to start the process.

We’ll ask many questions about your interests, your work and your perfect partner. We don’t grill you ? the consultation process is a pleasant and relaxing experience. (And it often helps you to draw an even clearer picture of the person who could be your soul-mate.)

Getting to know each other
Now we can match you with a Japanese woman who is just right for you. All of the lovely women in our network are carefully screened.

You won’t be calling a stranger – we’ll handle the introduction process for you and if you need it, advice for your first encounter. Our goal is to find the right partner for you, and many of our members find just that during their initial encounter. However, if the initial meeting does not work out, we analyze your feedback, adapt our search criteria, and then find a closer match to your ideal. We also offer valuable relationship advice and support to those members who request it.

Strict confidentiality
We manage your information in confidence. We’re very careful in what information we divulge and when we divulge it. Your information, such as your full name, address, phone number, photo, character attributes, financial position and workplace details are your most private assets – and we treat them as such.

Privacy and respect for individual dignity lie at the heart of Japanese culture. Destina Japan embodies these qualities, and will always act with the utmost discretion.

Contact us to schedule a
complimentary interview.

81-3-5771-7075 (Tokyo Office)
81-6-6344-4700(Osaka Office)
212-315-0600 (NY Office)
310-356-4666 (LA Office)
415-623-2773 (SF Office)
650-474-0433 (Silicon Valley)

020-7849-6616(London Office)
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